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Rich Experience
Great innovative improvements; unique design, fill the gaps in the field of fur dry cleaning machine.
Newsuper was established in 2005. Our factory located in Huang Chong Industrial Zone, Zhong Tang Village, Dongguan City. With more than 10 years experience of making Eco-friendly, energy-saving, low carbon dry cleaning machine, plus the sincere cooperation and technical support from our partner in Germany, Newsuper established good reputation in both domestic and abroad market with its unique design, good quality, and best after-sell service.
Cooperated with Germany
To use Newsuper dry cleaning machine will save cost for you between RMB300, 000-350,000 annually. You can save the cost which can afford one more dry cleaning machine within 2 years. Especially the model SHS70, its working capacity surpassed two traditional dry cleaning machines.
We are willing to persist on the vigorous research concept and synchronizing the updated product with Germany. The only reason that Newsuper existing is to offer you good service.
Product Research and Development
With modular structure design, it makes installation more convenient and the compact design which impress you with its charming visual effect
Newsuper centers about great change of product research and development, adhering to the tenet of “brand and service upgrade”, efforts to initiate the spirits of innovation, profession, solidarity and loyalty. We keeps challenging ourselves and striving for the sustainable development of Newsuper. To meet customer’s true demands, we offer you the integrated solution with the highest added-value. We will make incessant headways and moving forward with the time so as to offer you high-precision, high-quality but less-costly fur dry cleaning machine.
Technical Team

Designing Concept: Eco-friendly, energy-saving, the safety and convenient for operation.

■ Our team became enthusiastic over research and new product development and studying the prospect of dry cleaning machine.
■ Our team has enterprising spirits, seeking for outstanding quality and perfect product.
■ Our team pursue all-round excellent performance to became the pioneer of fur automatic equipment and dry cleaning machine
■ Our team displays a more standard-based, more professional enterprise which is full of vigor and vitality
■ With the similar ideal and pursuit, we coordinated and cooperated with each other for the same goal.
With innovative and initiative spirits, we established a good working atmosphere.

Clients Approved
With more than 1000 customers, our products are sold to China, Germany, Italy, Turkey, Dubai, the Netherlands and Russia successfully and enjoyed good reputation both in domestic and abroad.
Customer’s supports are always our motive forces. We would maintain our positive culture always. Warmly welcome clients and advisory businesses to negotiate!
Excellent Service
5 years long term guarantee, 20 years shelf life, 24 hours working continuously is acceptable, avoid digging foundation which can save much time for installation.
With the philosophy of “People oriented, sincerity foremost, morality centers, customer first, Newsuper establish a maintenance records for every users, on circuit visit regularly, and long-term following up the machine status to ensure all Newsuper equipments are in best status. To ensure that every customer can enjoy the greatest value with the smaller investment, Newsuper centers about great innovative change and taking service upgraded as standard.

Newsuper founded in 2002, starting as a sales office at the beginning. And in 2005, the factory established, which located in Huang Chong Industrial Zone, Zhong Tang Village, Dongguan City.Fur Degreasing Dry-Cleaning Machine,dry cleaning machine

With more than 10 years experience, Newsuper dedicate pre and after sale service of Germany professional fur dry cleaning equipment and provide clients with high-quality European solvents and additives. Newsuper also independently research and development the specific cooling water machine to match the Fur Degreasing Dry-Cleaning Machine,dry cleaning machine……[more]

Dry Cleaning – The Process
History of Dry cleaning
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